When you are ready to discuss the possibility of having your aortic root surgery at NYP/Columbia, please call us at 844.792.6782 (844.RX.AORTA) to schedule a consultation.

IMPORTANT: Prior to your appointment, it is important to that we have copies of your most recent echocardiogram and/or CT scan. If you have had a cardiac catheterization, we need a copy of that study as well. Our surgeons will review all of the materials in advance to ensure that your visit will occur without an unnecessary office wait time.

On the day of consultation, you will come to the Milstein Hospital Building at 177 Fort Washington Ave. Our office is on the 7th floor in the Garden North Section of the hospital, suite 435. At the reception desk, you will be asked to fill out some forms. Our receptionist will take a photograph of you and make copies of your insurance information.

IMPORTANT: When you come to your consultation, please bring a list of all of your previous operations, hospital admissions, and current medications.

Your physician will review your CT scan and echocardiogram with you and then discuss all possible treatment options. It is possible that you may be asked to undergo additional testing during this office visit, if additional information is needed. The visit with your surgeon may take approximately 30 minutes if no further testing is required, or two to four hours if testing is necessary. Ample time will be available to answer your questions.

In many cases, patients do not need immediate surgery, if at all. A typical course of follow-up would include a repeat CT scan in six months, followed by another at one year. During these scans, your surgeon will evaluate the aneurysm's absolute size and rate of growth. Recommendations will be based on information including patient history, diagnostic studies, and psychological factors.

If surgery is necessary, you will meet with your surgeon’s assistant and Nurse Practitioner. Additionally, our insurance coordinator will be available to discuss the specifics of your insurance coverage. Pre-operative testing will either be performed at this time or a scheduled for a time preceding surgery. Most patients are admitted to the hospital on the morning of surgery. Our patient care coordinator will meet to discuss information such as discontinuation of certain medications and other pre-operative preparations.