Patient Stories


Ivan Ramos

Ivan was hospitalized with a severe exacerbation of COPD. Instead of spending days on a mechanical ventilator, he was supported with ECMO.

Nichele Calhoun

Nichele Calhoun, Daniel Brodie, MD, and Matthew Bacchetta, MD, recall how Nichele's life was saved by ECMO. Nichele suffered from pulmonary hypertension. Her body began to fail and ECMO was used to keep her alive until lungs became available for a transplant.

Lizzie Asher

Lizzie Asher was pregnant when she collapsed from large blood clots in her lungs. Her baby was delivered by emergency cesarean section and Lizzie was kept alive by Drs. Daniel Brodie and Matthew Bacchetta and their ECMO machine. 

Chris Costa

Chris Costa recalls how his life was saved by ECMO. Chris was injured in a motorcycle accident; his lungs began to fail; and ECMO was used to oxygenate his blood while his body recovered. 

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers, his mother, Evelyn, and the medical team that cared for him recall how Kevin's life was saved by ECMO. Kevin developed pneumonia so severe that ECMO was required to keep his body functioning while he recovered.

Jay Shiland's Story

Jay Shiland's Story: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital campuses collaborate to use ECMO, saving patient's life


Glenn McMahon: After Bariatric Surgery, ECMO Saves

Glenn McMahon, a 56 year-old man from New Jersey, thought his bariatric surgery would only require an overnight stay. Following surgery, however, Glenn developed pneumonia and a severe form of the acute respiratory distress syndrome. He ended up in the intensive care unit fighting for his life. 

Prasha Tuladhar: From Miracle Patient to ECMO Ambassador

Prasha Tuladhar’s sneakers, horn-rimmed glasses, and chic cropped hair could be the hallmarks of any New Yorker: shiny, sharp, shrewd. Little would onlookers know that without NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center’s ECMO Program, Prasha would not be alive.

ECMO Team’s Long Distance Transport Gets Woman to Lifesaving Transplant


The Wedding Goes On, Thanks to Columbia’s Mobile ECMO Team

Groom-to-be Eric Long became sick the evening of his wedding rehearsal dinner, and by the next day, he was diagnosed with severe lung failure. See how NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia’s ECMO team saved his life in this NY1 News story. 

Fighting for Their Lives

For Daniel Ezra, March 3, 2012 suddenly became every husband and expectant father's worst nightmare.

Breathing Easy: How One Woman Got Back Her Future

Nell Pritchard was only 21 when she suffered severe respiratory failure and needed a double lung transplant. Thanks to the Adult ECMO Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, Nell survived and is now healthy and active.

Kevin Rogers

Little-known machine helps save Staten Island man inches from death.

ECMO Patient Completes Bike-A-Thon

The Road to Recovery: Just Over a Year Later, ECMO Patient Completes Bike-A-Thon

ECMO Patient Proposes to Girlfriend in ICU

Chris Costa, a 26-year-old paramedic in Connecticut, was taking a quick ride on his motorcycle when he was sideswiped by a truck. He sustained serious trauma, including seven broken ribs and a broken right femur, and was rushed to St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport.

The Miraculous Recovery of the Medical ECMO Program's First Patient

In September, 2008, Melissa, then a healthy 27-year old, started feeling short of breath. She became so ill that her family called 911 and she was rushed to NewYork-Presbyterian/Allen Hospital, where she had a dangerously low oxygen levels and was placed on a mechanical ventilator to help her breathe.

ECMO Helps Save the Life of a Young Man After a Football Injury

Robert Loftus tripped while catching the game-winning touchdown pass in a football game with friends. He broke his leg — both his tibia and fibula — and was rushed to the ER at Hudson Valley Hospital Center.

ECMO Saves Life of NJ Missionary

ECMO Saves Life of NJ Missionary with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Liesbeth Stoeffler's Story

Respiratory ECMO Support Improves Patient's Health, Making Way for Lung Transplant