New to The Pancreas Center is Zoe Anderson, Clinical Research Navigator on the GI Oncology team sharing her thoughts on our new clinical trial

Zoe AndersonZoe graduated from Johns Hopkins University with the intention of entering the health care field. Her role within the Pancreas Center is to act as a main point of contact for patients interested in clinical trials. She gathers new patient information, studies and disseminates information on the active trials and works with her team members to enroll patients in trials. She works closely with patients by assisting them with the navigation of complex clinical trials and also familiarizing patients with the medical approaches and terminologies used. 

Zoe shares her thoughts on the below new and exciting study with Columbia’s own Dr. Gulam Manji as the Principal Investigator.

The Pancreatic Center has collaborated with Roche – Genentech for our most recent clinical trial. Roche-Genetech is a biotechnology research corporation that created the study MORPHEUS, a Phase 1b/2 novel pancreatic cancer immunotherapy development platform. 

MORPHEUS is a new and innovative approach that has not been done before in the clinical research of pancreatic cancer. Clinical evidence shows that the specific chemotherapy mechanisms of actions in this study may improve antitumor responses. When antitumors interaction with our immunotherapies drug selection, the strength of this relationship may help decrease the growth of cancer tumors and improve the patients’ survival. Consequently, patients are presented with a unique opportunity unlike any other pancreatic cancer treatment. Instead of only having one treatment regimen like most current trials, patients are offered FOUR different regimens. Also, because this study has the flexibility of creating more treatment regimens throughout the continuation of the study, once patients continue showing positive responses, more treatment regimens may become available as well.

From a research perspective, MORPHEUS will significantly enhance potential long-lasting clinical effects findings in a wide range of cancers. Future participants will be providing scientists with evidence needed to continue developing trustworthy approaches. For example, determining how patients respond to a given immunotherapy and what combination of immunotherapies and/or conventional therapies will be beneficial against each tumor type. 

The launch of MORPEUS is a monumental accomplishment and The Pancreas Center is proud to have been the first to enroll a patient in this new platform. 

For more information about this study, contact Zoe Anderson at (212)305-0452 or visit