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We offer Professional Audience publications, which are written for physicians, nurses and researchers, but patients and their families and friends are also encouraged to read these articles.

Our publications for General Audiences are full of the latest news and information that patients and their loved ones can use.


healthpoints: for Patients and Families

Our surgeons care for the community by providing education to those who may be considering surgery or who need a second opinion. Healthpoints gives the inside scoop on diagnosis and treatment of conditions from adrenal to vein disease.

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Liver Connection Patient Newsletter

Liver Disease and Transplantation Newsletters

This quarterly newsletter contains articles addressing all aspects of life before and after liver transplantation. Click here to sign up to receive an email when a new edition of Liver Connection is posted on our website.

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PINK Newsletter

PINK, the newsletter of the Clinical Breast Cancer Program, is for anyone who wants to learn more about breast cancer treatment and resources at NYP/Columbia.

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Weight Loss Surgery Newsletter

Weight Loss Surgery Newsletter – for Patients and Physicians

This quarterly e-newsletter highlights the latest research on surgery for weight loss, the relationship between obesity, cancer, and other conditions, as well as key events and news at the Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery.

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John Jones Surgical Society Newsletter

John Jones Surgical Society Newsletter: For alumni of the Presbyterian Hospital surgical service

Keep in touch with colleagues who have trained and practiced in the Columbia University Medical Center Department of Surgery; learn about the activities and current DOS attending residents.

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Cardiac/Vascular/Thoracic Surgery Newsletter: For Physicians

This quarterly e-letter for physicians presents the latest news, research, and faculty publications in cardiac, vascular, and thoracic surgery, by the Department of Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center.

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GI/Oncology/Transplant Surgery Newsletter: For Physicians

This quarterly e-letter for physicians features newsworthy advances, research, and Columbia University faculty publications in breast, colorectal, gastric, general, liver, pancreas, and renal surgery.

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Pediatric Surgery Newsletter: For Physicians

This e-newsletter for physicians includes news of the latest advances, publications, and events in pediatric surgery (including cardiac, thoracic, vascular, GI, and more) at Columbia University Medical Center.

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