Physician’s Profile

Margaret Chen, MD

Director of Clinical Operations
NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital
Board Certificates: 
Cancer Care
Breast Surgery
Breast Cancer
Specialist in Breast Cancer Surgery
Minimally Invasive Surgery

2009-2016 America's Top Surgeons Consumers’ Research Council of America Awarded to top 10% surgeons in the US

1989-1991 Canada Scholar Scholarship Awarded for academic achievement

1989-1991 Scholarship University of Toronto Awarded for academic achievement


Margaret Chen, MD, FACS, is Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery in the Clinical Breast Cancer Program. Dr. Chen is a highly experienced breast surgeon whose primary interest is in minimally invasive breast surgery.

Dr. Chen also has a special interest in the genetics of breast cancer in Asian women. She is nationally known for her outreach and education about this topic through a radio series, and her work with the Association of Chinese American Physicians, the Chinese American Medical Society, and American Cancer Society Asian Initiatives.

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