John Jones Surgical Society

John Jones Surgical Society LogoFor those who have trained with us over the years, an organization was formed called the John Jones Surgical Society, after the author of the first surgical textbook in the colonies and our first Professor of Surgery. John Jones was one of the five people who petitioned the governors of Kings College, as it was called at that time, and received a charter from King George III to establish the medical college. Click here for more information. Our hope is to establish and maintain two-way communications with some 900 Alumni so that they are aware of what we're doing, and we can share in news of their accomplishments and activities, thus preserving the history of the Department of Surgery at Columbia-Presbyterian. Through our e-newsletter and this web page we keep our members updated and maintain communication.

Officers and Committees

Since its inception the John Jones Surgical Society has been guided by a Steering Committee, with the support of the Department of Surgery Chair. A "Constitution and By-Laws" was drawn up and is continually refined as the Society matures. Click on the "By-Laws" link to view the Constitution. In 2007, the position of officers was formalized with Kenneth A. Forde, MD, co-founder of the Society, becoming its first President. Click on the "Officers and Committees" link for past and current committee members.


Each year, the John Jones Surgical Society holds a reception at the American College of Surgeons Annual Clinical Congress. This is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends and share the latest news. In addition, a John Jones Surgical Society Spring Meeting is held annually at Columbia University Medical Center, New York as well as a resident networking evening – a social event for residents, faculty and external alumni to mingle. Due to advancing technology, different forms of social media have become the preferred mode of communication. Invitations are emailed to all current members for events and registration is done on-line. Click on the "Events" link for more information. We look forward to celebrating our continued growth and success at future meetings.

Alumni wanting to take a more active role in planning these meetings or in the running of the Society are welcome to contact the current President, Stephanie L. Goff, MD, FACS at