Outcomes/Quality Care

Patients come to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia for its world-class academic excellence and its patient-centered, personalized care. Accredited as a Center of Excellence by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), the Clinical Breast Cancer Program is known for its quality of care. In all aspects, the program continually strives to improve the effectiveness of treatment, quality of care, and quality of life for all patients.

As part of its leadership in basic and clinical research, the program ensures strong representation of minority women in its clinical trials. Our faculty are known internationally for their expertise in therapies such as intraductal papillomectomy, lymphedema prevention, laser ablation, and others that reduce the impact of treatment and improve outcomes and quality of life. The division offers the expertise necessary to treat the most complex forms of breast disease, and is happy to provide second or third opinion consultations.