Support Services

It is normal to feel a range of emotions following breast surgery. It may help to share your feelings with loved ones and friends. Joining a support group or calling a telephone hotline to speak to others who have "been there" may provide a safe place to express your feelings. The following resources may be helpful if you seek additional support.

The Spanish-language support group for women with breast cancer meets every other Thursday from 10-11:30AM in room 213 on the 7th Floor of the Milstein Hospital Building, 177 Fort Washington Ave. New participants may start at any time. For more information, contact Jenny Saldana at

For Women in Other Locations

If you are not in the New York area and can not participate in the Support Groups offered here, many other organizations also sponsor rehabilitation groups and services for women with breast cancer. Volunteers who have had breast cancer are frequently available to talk to women who have a newly diagnosed breast cancer. To talk to someone who has had breast cancer, ask your physician to arrange a meeting.