Risk Factors

Are you or someone you love at risk of developing gastric cancer? The following factors influence the risk of developing stomach adenocarcinoma.

Infection with Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria

  • Left untreated, infection with this bacteria leads to chronic inflammation of the inner layer of the stomach.
  • May possibly lead to the development of precancerous lesions.


  • Eating lots of highly preserved foods, such as smoked fish, salted meats, and pickled vegetables, has been shown to increase a person's chances of developing stomach cancer.
  • A diet which includes a substantial amount of fresh fruits and vegetables especially those high in beta-caratene and vitamin C have been shown to reduce the risk of gastric and other cancers.

Ethnic Background

  • Gastric cancer is a disease of racial disparity.
  • Koreans and Korean Americans are at highest risk among those living in the United States, followed by African American, Hispanic American, other Asian American ethnic minorities.


  • Stomach cancer is more common in men than in women and most commonly diagnosed in people over the age of 65.

Smoking and Alcohol Abuse

  • Both smoking tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to increased risk stomach cancer.

Previous Stomach Surgery

  • Removal of part of the stomach for ulcer, previous removal of stomach polyps.