Aortic Surgery

Syed Tasnin Raza, MD, FACS: Stapling Device for Aortic Surgery

The laboratory of Syed Tasnim Raza, MD, FACS, has validated the concept of anastomosing the aorta to a Dacron tube graft using a new circular aortic stapling device. The laboratory has developed the prototype device and bench tested it, and is currently working to refine the design and move it towards clinical application.

For more information, see: A Circular Surgical Stapler Designed to Anastomose Aorta and Dacron Tube Graft. Validation of the Concept and Comparison to Hand-Sewn Anastomosis in Bench Experiments. Raza, ST. Aorta, June 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1: 71–77 DOI:

Contact Information

Syed T. Raza, MD, FACS
Phone: 212.305.3305