Dr. Grant profiled in Town&Country Magazine

Robert T. Grant, MD, FACS, Division Chief , Division of Plastic SurgerRobert T. Grant, MD, FACS, Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery, is highlighted in the March 2011 issue of Town & Country Magazine. "Dr. G and the Women" profiles the Life Stage Personal Enhancement Team he has built with nutritionist Brooke Alpert and stylist Jacqui Stafford. Together, the trio work with patients to improve their appearances according to their unique needs and preferences. Some patients choose to have plastic surgery followed by recovery at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan, where they can meet with Alpert and Stafford as they recuperate. Other patients may opt to consult with Alpert or Stafford, without having any procedures. As Dr. Grant says, "I am an interventionalist — I intervene at a specific point — but what Brooke and Jacqui do can help before, during, and after that point," he says. "It just became clear that I needed more than surgery to help make my patients complete."

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