How to Prepare for a Psychosocial Oncology Appointment

The best way to prepare for an appointment with the Pancreas Center psychosocial oncologist is for you and your loved ones to pay attention to any changes in your general state of being. Since your diagnosis and treatment for pancreatic cancer have you been feeling more emotional or withdrawn? Have you been having trouble sleeping? If you are experiencing pain, has the medication prescribed helped to alleviate your symptoms? Noting changes in your mood and your outlook on life will help the psychiatrist develop the most appropriate management plan for you.

Since you will be discussing your current medications during your consultation, it may be helpful to create a medication list. Make sure to include the name of the medication, the condition for which it is prescribed, the current dosage, how long you have been taking the medication, and the name of the doctor who prescribed the medication. If you have taken medication in the past for any kind of psychiatric disorder, but have since discontinued its use, please make sure to note that on your list as well.

We encourage patients to bring a close family member or friend to consultations. Their perspectives on how you are coping can help us develop the most appropriate management plan for you.

Make sure to bring:

  • A LIST OF MEDICATIONS you are currently taking
  • A CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND who is involved in your care