How to Prepare for a GI Consultation

When preparing for your appointment with a Pancreas Center endoscopist, expect to talk about your symptoms and past medical history. Since you will be asked about medications you are currently taking, you may want to create a medication list that includes the dosage of each medication and the condition for which each is prescribed. This information will help your endoscopist form a more complete impression of your condition.

If you have had any recent biopsies, blood work, or imaging studies, please obtain a copy of the studies and/or reports and bring them with you to your appointment. This can be done by calling the facility at which you had the tests performed and requesting a copy of your results. This process may take up to a week, so if possible, you may want to request them in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Since many consultations with Pancreas Center endoscopists lead to scheduling a procedure, you may want to bring a calendar or appointment book with you. This will enable you to schedule your procedure before you finish your initial consultation.

Make sure to bring:

  • Any RADIOLOGY FILMS, CDs or IMAGING STUDIES previously performed
  • A LIST OF MEDICATIONS you are currently taking
  • An APPOINTMENT BOOK to help you schedule your next visit