How to Prepare for a GI Procedure

When you schedule your endoscopic procedure, your physician will give you very specific pre-procedural instructions. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully. The instructions are designed to keep you safe while ensuring the best possible outcome. 

Make sure to let your endoscopist know what medications you are currently taking. Patients who take blood thinners like Plavix or Coumadin may be asked to temporarily stop or switch their medication. Special instructions will also be given to patients who are diabetic. 

You will be asked not to eat or drink anything after 12 midnight on the day of your procedure. This means no food, gum, or any liquids on the day of your examination. If your endoscopist gives you clearance to take your daily medications, make sure to take them with only a small sip of water. 

Due to the sedation, you will not be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. You must arrange for someone to pick you up from the Endoscopy Suite since we cannot allow you to leave unless we are sure you can get home safely. 

If you become jaundiced, develop a fever, feel increased pain in your abdomen, or experience a sudden change in your overall well-being, call your endoscopist immediately. These symptoms may indicate your condition has worsened and you may need more urgent intervention.