Support & Community at the Pancreas Center

No one should have to deal with pancreatic disease alone. We want to provide you with all the support and community you may need as you go through your treatment journey. Our resources include:

Psychosocial Oncology

We have a dedicated psychosocial oncology team specifically trained to help you through the emotional burden of disease and treatment. The goal of your initial consultation with our psychiatrist will be to evaluate the burden of the disease, both physically and mentally, in order to develop the most appropriate coping strategies.

Support Group

Our support groups provide positive encouragement to patients who are currently being treated for pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis. We look to encourage one another, share information, and provide resources. Guest speakers participate in some of the monthly group meetings. Family and caregivers are welcome!


To build a strong sense of community between our doctors, staff, and patients, we host events throughout the year to discuss the latest science in pancreas care and share personal experiences.

Stories & Perspectives

Even if you can't make it to an event or group meeting, you can find comfort and support from reading about the experiences of others who have dealt with many of the same challenges you're facing. We've collected stories many past and present Pancreatic Center patients to help give you new perspectives and remind you you are never alone.

To learn more about our support services, call us at (212) 305-9467 or use our online form to get in touch today.