Meet the Team

As an integral part of the Columbia University Medical Center, we are able to bring together some of the finest physicians in the world. For each patient, our team of radiologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, geneticists, cardiologists, and endocrine surgeons work together to plan the optimal course of treatment for the specific disorder and its effects on the rest of the body. Our center is one of only a few select programs in the U.S. that offer complete multidisciplinary care to serve patients with parathyroid disease.

Endocrine Surgery

 John Chabot, MD, FACS
Phone: 212.305.9468
Fax: 212.305.5992

Laurie Chabot, RN
Phone: 212.342.5601
Fax: 212.305.5992

 Jennifer Kuo, MD, FACS
Phone: 212.305.6969
Fax: 212.305.0445

 James Lee, MD
Phone: 212.305.0444
Fax: 212.305.0445


John Ausiello, MD
Phone: 212.305.0078
Fax: 212.342.0501

John P. Bilezikian, MD
Phone: 212.305.3062
Fax: 212.305.6482

Angela L. Carrelli, MD
Phone: 212.305.8456

Natalie E. Cusano, MD

 Susana Ebner, MD
Phone: 212.305.0066

Thomas Jacobs, MD
Phone: 212.305.5578
Fax: 212.305.6878

 Salila Kurra, MD
Phone: 212.305.0078  

Robert McConnell, MD
Phone: 212.305.5579
Fax: 212.305.6878

Mishaela R. Rubin, MD
Phone: 212.305.0066
Fax: 212.342.0501

Shonni J. Silverberg, MD
Phone: 212.342.3319
Fax: 212.342.0501

Marcella Walker, MD
Phone: 212.305.8456
Fax: 212.342.0501


 Wendy Chung, MD
Phone: 212.851.5313
Fax: 212.851.5306

Nuclear Medicine

Randy Yeh, MD
Phone: 212.342.2899
Fax: 212.342.3745


 Xiaowei Chen, MD
Phone: 212.305.8876
Fax: 212.305.1295

John P. Crapanzano, MD

Diane Hamele-Bena, MD
Phone: 212.305.2360
Fax: 212.305.1295

Karl Perzin, MD

Anjali Saqi, MD
Phone: 212.305.6719

Patricia Tiscornia-Wasserman, MD

Andrew T. Turk, MD