Patient Stories

Advancing the care of patients with complex aortic disease.
My name is Geri and for the past 2 & 1/2 years , I have been the facilitator of the monthly Pancreas Cancer Support Group. This group has been a very important part of my professional self here at Columbia/NYP. As a social worker, this group has provided me with a great deal of insight and understanding about the patients and their caregivers.
Marc Weisenfreund has had the opportunity to meet a lot of doctors in his 70 years. But his experience at NYP/Columbia with Dr. Peter Geller was something entirely different.
My boxing gloves are laced up and I'm ready for the next round.
What does ‘paying it forward’ mean to you?
For Susan Harris, it means sharing her story here, so that it may help reassure others who face similar circumstances.
Michael told me that I would have to fight for my life and that this was not going to be easy.
When the Division of Colorectal Surgery prepares for surgery resulting in an ostomy, they also plan for its reversal.
The good news though? I have just become something of a phenomenon – a four year survivor of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer – I am still officially “NED” – No Evidence of Disease… Some of the staff at NYP call me “The Miracle Man.”
Meet Chris, who suffered for years from Achalasia, a disease that prevented him from swallowing food or even water. An endoscopic procedure called POEM gave Chris his life back.