Our Approach and Expertise

The General Thoracic Surgery Section of NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center (NYP/Columbia) provides the most compassionate patient care while offering the most advanced surgeries and therapies for chest diseases. We successfully manage every condition—from the extremely common to the very rare and life threatening.

When you come to NYP/Columbia, you will be treated by a multidisciplinary team that considers every aspect of your diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and has in its arsenal, all the latest medical and surgical techniques.

Our thoracic surgeons are world-class experts in the treatment of lung cancer and emphysema, and NYP/Columbia continues to be the premier lung transplant center in the New York metropolitan area.

The majority of our surgical procedures are performed using minimal access surgery. This translates into shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

You will also receive the benefits of 75 years of innovation—during which we have developed new approaches to lung cancer, chest wall deformities, myasthenia gravis, emphysema, complex tracheal surgery, and end-stage lung disease.

We offer early lung cancer screening for at-risk individuals, adding years to their lives with early intervention. We believe the future in lung cancer treatment combines early detection, minimally invasive surgery, and the use of personalized medicine, which employs targeted treatment strategies based on a tumor's specific molecular characteristics. We continue to develop less invasive methods to diagnose and biopsy tissue for analysis, and to guide patients to clinical trials and drugs tailored to the genetic analysis of their tumors.

In addition, our surgeons are employing ways to restore lungs that are too damaged to be used for transplant. A new method of reviving donor lungs will greatly increase the pool of viable organs in the years ahead.

We invite you to learn more about our nationally recognized Center of Excellence, our full spectrum of capabilities and our highly dedicated team.