What Kind of Doctor Do I Need?

The Thyroid Center team brings together thyroid specialists from the following medical fields: 

  • Endocrinology – This is the study of glands and hormones.  Endocrinologists are typically the first line in establishing a diagnosis of thyroid disease and setting up a treatment plan, and they help coordinate your care with other thyroid specialists. 
  • Thyroid Surgery – Surgery is often the most effective treatment for many thyroid diseases.  It may also be needed to make a diagnosis of thyroid cancer.
  • Genetics – Some thyroid disorders have an inherited component, and some inherited diseases may affect the thyroid.  Geneticists help identify your risk for these conditions and the risk of passing them on to your children.
  • Nuclear Medicine – Testing for thyroid disease can involve the use of radioactive isotopes to visualize thyroid cells.  Nuclear Medicine doctors are experts at performing and interpreting these tests.
  • Oncology – This is the study of cancer and its treatment.  Oncologists on our team are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of Thyroid cancers.
  • Radiation Oncology – This is a field of medicine focused specifically on the treatments of cancer through radiation exposure.
  • Ophthalmology – This is the study of the eye and its related diseases.  Some thyroid disorders have complications that involve the eye and require an eye expert.
  • Pathology – This is the study of disease at the cellular level.  Pathologists look at samples from biopsies and surgeries to confirm whether or not diseases like cancer are present.

Within each area, we have experts who focus on treating adults, children, or both.

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