Our Approach & Expertise

Surgeons at the Vascular Surgery Vein Program have the expertise to treat the full range of vein disorders and diseases, from cosmetic concerns to the most serious health emergencies. Patients receive care by a multidisciplinary team with the highest level of knowledge available. Our team includes vein specialists, vascular technologists, and specially trained physician assistants.

Patients receive a comprehensive evaluation: physical examination, family history, and if appropriate, non-invasive ultrasound testing. Based on the results of these evaluations, treatment recommendations can be made.

Patients may seek treatment for three main reasons:

  1. They wish to improve the cosmetic appearance of their legs
  2. They have significant symptoms that affects their lifestyle
  3. They have had complications such as ulcers, blood clots, bleeding or phlebitis

Many patients who opt for treatment have a combination of these reasons.

Most procedures are performed in a minimally invasive manner, without cuts or stitches, using local anesthesia or mild sedation. Most patients return home the day of treatment and can resume normal activities in a day or so.

In addition to the most advanced techniques available today, we also offer the breadth and depth of expertise found only in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team approach at an academic center. Our patients benefit in numerous ways:

  • Our patient volume allows us to conduct clinical trials of all the newest vein therapies;
  • The most advanced therapies are available at our program before other centers in the country, and at times, the world;
  • Superior outcomes reflect the expertise of our surgeons who either develop or improve minimally invasive venous techniques and teach them to other surgeons;
  • Unlike private centers that may address only cosmetic concerns or early vein problems, our surgeons are expert in the full range of treatments, including the most serious forms of vein disease such as ulcers, bleeding or blood clots.