10th Annual Muzzi Invitational, Celebrating Ten Years of Cancer Prevention and Research

It is difficult to cope with the death anniversary of a loved one. For Sue Mirza, it is hard to fathom that 10 years has passed since her husband, Muzzi’s death. But the opportunity to celebrate his memory with family and friends every year in the name of philanthropy gives Sue a reason to smile. This year’s annual Muzzi Invitational event will be held on September 12th at Burning Tree Country Club (120 Perkins Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830). Muzzi’s family and friends will spend the day enjoying two of Muzzi’s favorite activities-golf and cocktail parties.

Muzzi's stage 4-pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2005 was a devastating revelation for his family and friends. Approximately 48,960 people annually will receive the same diagnosis and more than 80% will loose their lives to pancreatic cancer. In the middle of battling his illness, Muzzi was thinking of others and how to spare them from a late diagnosis like his. He wanted to improve care for pancreatic cancer patients and help find ways to diagnose the disease earlier, improving the chance of survival. Through his generosity, Muzzi donated one million dollars to start the Muzzi Mirza Pancreatic Cancer Prevention and Genetics Program

Pancreatic cancer has the fourth highest mortality rate in the United States. This is because the disease is frequently not diagnosed until an advanced stage. Clinical research is essential in finding new methods for early diagnosis and prevention. The Muzzi Mirza Pancreatic Cancer Prevention and Genetics Program aims to use routine screening and genetic testing to identify early signs of the disease and specific factors that puts one at high risk of developing it. Columbia Doctors have already discovered the correlation between pancreatic cancer and other illness like breast cancer and Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. Over the last ten years, the program has collected patient tissue and blood samples to facilitate innovative and promising research and discoveries. 

For Dr. Chabot, the Director of the Pancreas Center, this program allows for philanthropy to fill the gaps in patient treatment by providing the financial support to pursue clinical research that in turn save lives. The Muzzi Mirza Pancreatic Cancer Prevention and Genetics Program has raised over 3 million dollars since its inception and has seen over 500 patients, making a significant impact on their treatment and survival. 

Monique Stehle, a friend of the family and annual Muzzi Invitational event planner, describes this important gathering best — “For the past ten years friends of Muzzi have gathered to salute their friend, and honor him by donating generously to a cause that has saved lives. It’s been an honor to be part of the Muzzi Invitational and contribute to such a meaningful cause.” 

If you would like to attend the 10th Annual Muzzi Invitational or make a donation, please contact Monique Stehle at the information provided below.

Email: monique.stehle@ulyss.com
Phone: 212-455-6237

For more information about the Muzzi Mirza Pancreatic Cancer Prevention and Genetics Program please call 212-305-9467 or visit columbiasurgery.org/pancreas