Program Overview

The Clinical Research Core (CRC) provides the Department of Surgery with a pool of experienced research professionals with a range of expertise. The CRC will enable access to part-time or temporary full-time experienced clinical research nurses, clinical research coordinators (CRCs), or research assistants (RAs), as determined by the needs of the study.

Our surgeons may lack resources for a fulltime research coordinator and may not be in a position to offer the salary, benefits, and employment security that an experienced research coordinator expects. Operating as a fee for service program, the CRC provides cost-effective and flexible options for staffing research studies.

Though the Department of Surgery Clinical Research Core operates as a fee for service program, we offer many services free of charge for young attendings including IRB and regulatory guidance and support, creation of source documents and case report forms, training and education, assistance with all elements of study conduct, and assistance with joining cooperative groups or research networks.

We employ Clinical Research Nurses, Clinical Research Coordinators (non-RN, but with varying degrees of clinical experience), Research Assistants, and Data Entry personnel. To help determine the level of help that is needed for your study or studies, simply click HERE to review the scopes of practice. There are two ways to request services from the Research Core:

  1. Contact Lyn Goldsmith ( if you need assistance in determining the level of experience and training required for your study.
  2. Complete the Research Services Request Form

The Department of Surgery Clinical Research Core provides benefits for the Department of Surgery and its investigators:

  1. By assuming responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of the study are conducted in accordance with Good Clinical Practice and Federal Regulations;
  2. By providing rapid implementation of clinical research studies and sustained support for study start-up, implementation, and close-out;
  3. By assisting investigators to negotiate a fair and reasonable budget for industry sponsored studies.

The CRC also provides excellent benefits for research personnel:

  1. The CRC provides a stable work environment that greatly reduces the stress that job insecurity creates in a funding-dependent field.
  2. CRC staff will work in a supportive, team-oriented environment and will receive mentoring, training and education along with support and encouragement to work towards professional certification and career advancement. Professional certification is expected within two years of employment and is supported by the Department.
  3. Working throughout the institution in various divisions enables coordinators to form a professional network and expand their clinical expertise.

If you are a research professional and are interested in working with a diverse and dedicated team, please send your resume to We will contact you if a position opens up that may fit your skill set or aspirations.