Research and Trials

Research and Trials

As a part of one of the country’s premier research institutions, we investigate medical issues across a broad range of specialities and fields, as well as devote vast resources toward developing life-saving new treatments and therapies for patients around the world.
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Department of Surgery at Columbia conducts basic, translational, and clinical research in multiple fields, including speciality areas such as transplantation, cardiothoracic surgery, and immunology. Our researchers work across departments and regularly collaborate with other institutions in order to learn more about different diseases and conditions, develop groundbreaking new treatments and procedures, and fulfill our mission to improve the lives of patients everywhere. 

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Clinical Trials

Department of Surgery at Columbia has developed a diverse and well-funded culture of clinical research across our organization. In nearly every division, we regularly conduct rigorously controlled trials and track long-term outcomes. This not only helps advance our understanding of different diseases, treatments, and procedures, but also allows us to bring new and innovative medical therapies to the wider public. 

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