Breast Conditions

Learn more about the different kinds of breast disease and cancer, their symptoms, your risk factors, and much more.

Non-Cancerous Breast Disease

Non-cancerous (or benign) breast diseases are very common. They include a variety of different conditions, such as intraductal papillomas, fibrosis, lobular carcinoma, and many more. Read more about benign breast disease.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in breast tissue. In this comprehensive article, you can learn more about the following:

BRCA Genes and Breast Cancer

Women carrying inherited mutations in BRCA genes have a high lifetime risk for developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. Learn more about these genes.

Treatment Guides

We offer a variety of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention options. Learn more about each one, including what to expect and how to prepare for treatment.

Breast Screening and Prevention

Regular breast screening has been proven to prevent breast disease and reduce deaths. Learn what this involves and when to get tested.

Breast Surgeries & Procedures

Surgery is one of the most common and effective methods of removing breast cancer. Learn more about the following procedures:

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

This surgical technique can help remove cancerous tissue while maintaining the look and feel of the breast. Learn more about its benefits and what it involves.

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Be using a single dose of radiation after a lumpectomy, this innovative therapy offers significant benefits over conventional radiation. Learn more about this procedure.

Reconstructive Surgery

Surgery patients can choose from a variety of procedures to reconstruct a portion or completely replace a breast. Learn more about breast reconstructive surgery from our partners in the division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

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