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Our mission at the Kidney and Pancreatic Transplant Program of Columbia University Irving Medical Center is to offer the widest range of options to people facing end-stage kidney disease and severe diabetes. We are gratified to bring you the best care possible.

  • We are committed to doing whatever we can to make the transplant process easier for you. At our special outpatient facility we provide weekend and off-hour attention; our Infusion Center provides infusions and biopsies on an outpatient basis. We partner closely with donors and recipients and their referring physicians to enable a seamless continuum of care, while helping patients and their families navigate emotional, financial, and logistical concerns.
  • Thanks to advances developed here, we’ve found new ways of expanding the donor pool, increasing the number of kidneys available for transplants, addressing the shortage of healthy organs, and reducing waiting times for organs.
  • As part of a large academic medical center and one of the top hospitals in the nation, our program calls upon the expertise of a wide range of healthcare provider to help patients with medical issues that present barriers to transplantation, including pregnant women and women with infertility problems, obese patients, and patients at high risk due to advanced age or health conditions.

Transplantation is a life-altering procedure. We’re here to be your partners every step of the way. Call us at (212) 305-6469 to get started today, or sign up with one of our online forms: 
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Programs & Services

If you’re in need of a kidney or pancreas transplant, we’re here to help you find an available organ, make sure you have a safe and successful surgery, and support you during every step of your recovery and beyond. Our Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program is a national leader in these critical areas, and we are always looking for new ways to improve all aspects of transplant care. Our services include:

Kidney Transplant Program

The goal of the Kidney Transplant Program at Columbia is to get people off the transplant list and back to living a healthy life. To tackle the chronic shortage of available organs, we’ve developed a system that allocates kidneys according to a person’s need, risk, and potential benefit, and we've found safer and more effective ways to overcome the body's natural tendency to reject a transplanted kidney.

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Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program

Children facing kidney disease need specialized care from physicians who understand both their medical conditions and their unique perspectives. Our team of pediatric kidney specialists have years of experience caring for children, bringing them comfort and stability through all the ups and downs of their treatment journey, and working closely with their parents to ensure the best results possible.

Learn about the kidney transplant procedure »Become a Living Kidney Donor

Living Kidney Donor Program

Living donor programs allow a relative or a compatible unrelated donor (such as a spouse or friend) to donate a kidney, bypassing the wait for an organ from a deceased donor to become available. Our program has been performing living donor transplants since 1970, and today we have the most active living donor service in the region. Because of our experience, we can coordinate logistically-complicated paired-donor exchanges (or “kidney swaps”) when a suitable kidney can’t be found from friends or family. We’ve also developed techniques that let us use kidneys from incompatible living donors in some cases.

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Kidney Autotransplant Program

Patients with certain kidney diseases like loin-pain hematuria syndrome may benefit from an innovative surgical procedure called kidney autotransplantation. The Kidney Autotransplant Program at Columbia brings together the skills of nationally-recognized kidney transplant surgeons, vascular surgeons, and urologists to offer patients this minimally invasive treatment option. Columbia is the only institution in the Northeast with a dedicated renal autotransplantation program.

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Pancreas Transplantation Program

A pancreas transplant can mean a new life for people with severe diabetes (and often, diabetes-related kidney disease). Our transplant surgeons are pioneers in the field of pancreas transplantation and are amongst the most experienced in the nation at performing this complex procedure.

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Stories & Perspectives

Alive at 65: Three-time Transplant Recipient Jerry Cahill Appreciates Every Day

After a double-lung transplant, Jerry Cahill defies the odds with kidney-liver transplant, and continues to thrive and advocate for others.

Other highlights of our program include:

Research and Clinical Trials

As the Transplant Program makes more organs available to more patients, investigators in Columbia University's Departments of Surgery and Medicine are working to make kidney transplant safer, by investigating how to circumvent the body's natural inclination to reject a transplanted kidney.

Information for Students and Healthcare Professionals

Stories & Perspectives

Firefighter Is Key to Historic Three-Way Kidney Swap

Kidney swaps enable incompatible donors to give to strangers, in return for a matched kidney that can help their own loved ones or family members. The chain of giving can start with a single altruistic donor. Thirty-nine-year-old Long Island firefighter John McGuinness recently became the lynchpin in a rare three-way kidney swap, performed at NewYork-Presbyterian/ Columbia.

Our Team

Our transplant surgeons and nephrologists are here to partner with you in developing personalized care plans and answer any questions you may have along the way. To meet the team, call us at (212) 305-6469 or sign up with one of our online forms: I Need A Transplant »  |  I Want to Donate My Kidney »

Transplant Surgeons

Dr Lloyd E. Ratner
Lloyd E. Ratner, MD, MPH | Surgical Director, Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Program

Dr Rodrigo Sandoval
Rodrigo Sandoval, MD

Dr Joshua Weiner
Joshua Weiner, MD

Dr Soo Youn Yi

Soo Youn Yi, MD


Pediatric Nephrologists

  • Nemrata Jain, MD
  • Fangming Lin, MD
  • Smitha Vida, MD

Our full team goes beyond surgeons and kidney doctors to bring you fully comprehensive care and includes nurse coordinators, physician assistants, nutritionists, psychiatrists, social workers, and financial coordinators.

Stories & Perspectives

Healthy Baby after Kidney Transplant and Another on the Way

By age 23, Fanny Powers was on dialysis, and dangerously underweight, having dropped to 92 pounds. She underwent a Kidney transplant at NewYork-Presbyterian/ Columbia, and went on to have two healthy babies. 

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