What to Expect After a Psychosocial Oncology Appointment

You should end your appointment with a clear understanding of the psychiatrist's recommendation for your management plan. This may include adding or adjusting your medications, continued counseling, or further intervention by another Pancreas Center specialist.

If further follow-up and treatment is recommended you may continue psychiatric treatment at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University. However, if you are already in treatment elsewhere, or if it is inconvenient to continue treatment at NYPH/CUMC, our psychiatrist will collaborate closely with your existing treatment team or help with a referral.

In some instances, a consultation with the psychiatrist is recommended before, during, or after treatment with other members of the Pancreas Center team like our surgeons or medical oncologists. The entire Pancreas Center team is in constant communication and will be kept abreast of your progress and mental health condition. Your psychosocial management is an important part of your overall pancreatic cancer treatment plan and the Pancreas Center team will collaborate to best promote your health.