What to Expect After a GI Consultation

In most cases, an initial consultation with a Pancreas Center endoscopist will lead to a procedure like an EUS or ERCP. In these situations, you will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for your examination. In order to prepare for the procedure, you may want to review the next section of this website which discusses what to expect from a procedure. 

If you become jaundiced, develop a fever, feel increased pain in your abdomen, or experience a sudden change in your overall well-being, call your endoscopist immediately. These symptoms may indicate your condition has worsened and you may need more urgent intervention. 

In some cases, your endoscopist may order other tests like an MRI, a CT scan, or a cardiac clearance after your initial appointment. After these tests are completed, your doctor will call you to discuss the results over the phone or ask you to come back for another consultation. If indicated by the new findings, you may be scheduled to undergo an endoscopic procedure at this point.