What to Expect After a GI Procedure

Immediately after an endoscopic procedure, it is normal to feel sleepy and drowsy due to the sedation. This will go away after a few hours. You may also experience some mild discomfort in your abdomen and find yourself passing a lot of gas. This is due to the air that is placed in your belly during the procedure to enable your endoscopist to view your abdominal organs. You should feel back to normal the day after your procedure. If, however, you experience increased pain or your discomfort does not lessen within a day, please call your endoscopist. 

If biopsies were taken during your endoscopic procedure, the results will be ready in five days. You are encouraged to call your endoscopist at that time to learn your results. Your endoscopist will send a copy of the findings and report to your referring physician so further treatment decisions can be made. 

Every Thursday morning, the Pancreas Center multidisciplinary team of experts meets to discuss the plan of care for each of our current patients. After undergoing an endoscopic procedure, your case will be presented at this forum where surgeons, radiologists, gastroenterologists and oncologists will discuss the best course of action for your case. After the conference, your endoscopist will call you to let you know the outcome of the discussion and will refer you to another Pancreas Center specialist for further treatment, as needed.