Physical Therapy After Lung Transplantation

Before initiating any exercise program, consult with your physician and or physical therapist.

Airway Clearance

The Active Cycle of Breathing

Breathing Exercises

  • Incentive spirometer
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • PNF D2 flexion/extension with deep breathing

Cardiovascular Exercises

Home walking program/cycle ergometer program (to be started in house)

Strengthening Exercises

  1. Lower extremity exercises
    • In bed

      Knee to chest; Hip abduction/adduction (supine); Ankle pumps; Bridging; Straight leg raise; Hip abduction in sidelying

    • In the chair

      Hip flexion; Ankle pumps; Knee extension; Sit to stand

    • Standing

      Standing calf lift; Mini-squat (wall squat)

  2. Upper extremity exercises

Strength/Postural Exercises

  1. Neck and trunk: Shoulder circles; Cervical range of motion; Trunk lateral flexion
  2. Lower extremities: Hamstring stretch; Calf stretch
  3. 6 weeks post surgery
    • Shoulder flexion overhead
    • Shoulder abduction and horizontal abduction standing against wall.
    • Elbows out into sides with fingers locked behind neck.