Support Services After Lung Transplantation

From the moment you and your primary pulmonary specialist begin discussing the possibility of lung transplantation, you will have many questions and concerns about this treatment option. There are practical concerns and emotional reactions. And there are certain lifestyle adaptations that will need to occur following the surgery — changes that will affect not only you but also your loved ones. Members of your transplant team will be there to guide you through each stage of your transplantation.

  • Your nurse coordinators/PA will oversee your care — expediting tests and consultations and answering your questions.
  • Your social worker will determine what emotional and practical support may be needed by you and your family during this period. She can connect you to those services in the community that can be of possible assistance.
  • Your financial counselor will evaluate your medical insurance during the pre-transplantation and work closely with you to ensure that all possible expenses, including immunosuppressants, will be covered, perhaps through new or additional insurance — or sometimes alternative sources.
  • A nutritionist will work closely with you to guide your healthy eating habits as you await your surgery and then assist you in adapting to your new and necessary post-surgical food and preparation requirements. A delicious recipe is highlighted in every issue of the heart and lung transplantation newsletter.

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Other Transplant Support Resources

The following organizations provide information and support to transplant recipients:

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