FDA Approves Orbera™ Balloon for Weight Loss

August, 2015: the FDA has approved the Orbera™ Intragastric Balloon, the second device in its class (along with ReShape Duo), for weight loss.  This temporary, non-surgical device is a balloon that is filled with 500-750 ml of saline (salt water), and which is placed in the stomach for up to six months. Inserted through the mouth in an endoscopic procedure, Orbera is intended for patients with BMI above 30. By occupying space within the stomach, the balloon helps patients to feel full and to eat less. 

This device represents an important alternative for patients who may need help losing weight, but prefer a non-surgical option. The Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery is pleased to be able to offer Orbera as one of many options available to its patients.

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