Dr. Manji To Direct Our New Pancreas Translational Research Program

Introducing the Pancreas Translational Research Program Directed by oncologist Gulam A. Manji, MD, PhD

The Columbia Pancreas Center is delighted to announce that our medical oncologist Gulam Manji, MD, PhD has been named the director of the newly established Pancreas Medical Oncology and Translational Research program. This program has been established by Columbia’s Departments of Medicine and Surgery as well as the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center to expand and develop translational research in the area of pancreas cancer, building on our existing strength in the basic sciences and in the clinical research of this disease. As director of this new program, Dr. Manji will lead bench-top to bedside research in pancreas cancer. This has already resulted in high impact translational clinical trials.

About Dr. Manji: Before joining the Pancreas Center, Dr. Manji completed his medical oncology fellowship at CUIMC and worked in the laboratory of Dr. Ken Olive, developing new targeted therapies in the KRAS pancreatic cancer mouse model. He has been the recipient of an R01 grant to further his translational research. Dr. Manji has established himself as a national leader in the field of pancreas cancer.