Our Programs & Services

The Pancreas Center is made up of several highly-specialized programs designed to cover all aspects of care for people with pancreatic disease. Our core services are centered around the most prominent pancreatic conditions:

Pancreas Cancer Care: As a patient of the our Pancreatic Cancer Care program, you will have full access to an experienced team of clinicians, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, genetic counselors, psychiatrists, and nutritionists, all working together with you, your family, and any outside physicians you may have, to create the best possible treatment plan to meet your personalized goals of care.

Our Pancreatic Cancer Care Approach

Pancreatitis Care: The Pancreatitis Program at Columbia provides full-service care for those diagnosed with acute and chronic pancreatitis. From diet and nutritional support to avoid ongoing attacks to medical management to surgical interventions, the Pancreatitis Program offers a balance of all available options to treating pancreatitis and its side effects. We are one of the few programs in the country--and the only program in the New York metropolitan area--to offer autologous islet cell transplantation to prevent diabetes in people with chronic pancreatitis.

Our Pancreatitis Care Approach

To start making use of our services, call us today at (212) 305-9467 or request an appointment online.

Other Specialized Programs

Prevention & Genetics: Our Muzzi Mirza Pancreatic Cancer Prevention & Genetics Program focuses on treatment of individuals who are at an elevated risk of developing pancreatic cancer. This program also includes a Pancreatic Cyst Surveillance service to monitor those with known or suspected pancreatic cysts.

Support: We understand that a diagnosis of pancreatic disease can be stressful for you and your family. We are here for you, and have a dedicated psychosocial oncology team specifically trained to help you through the emotional burden of disease and treatment. We also have monthly Pancreas Cancer Support Groups and Pancreatitis Support Groups to help you connect, teach, and learn from others going through similar experiences. Our Pancreas Center community also provides support through annual events and through sharing their stories and perspectives online.

Nutrition: Because the pancreas is a vital part of the normal digestive system, nutrition after a diagnosis of pancreatic disease can be difficult. We want to ensure you receive all the nutrients you need, and have a team of nutritionists on hand who specialize in pancreatic patients.  You can learn more about specific nutrient needs – including recipe suggestions – in our Nutrition Blog »

Research & Clinical Trials

The Pancreas Center brings together a host of physicians and scientists to explore the various reasons why people develop pancreatic disease and how we can best treat it. Please explore our Clinical Trials for a comprehensive list of recent studies.

To further encourage breakthroughs in pancreas care, we fund awards and host conferences dedicated to research into pancreatic disease, like the Ruth Grant Siegell Award for Excellence in Pancreatic Research and the Gigi Shaw Arledge Conference on Pancreatic Disease, an opportunity for doctors and scientists from around the world to meet and share their research and knowledge. 

Programs for Healthcare Professionals

As part of an Ivy League academic center, our team has a duty to teach doctors-in-training and share their knowledge with the medical community at large - pushing them to always be aware of the latest findings and best practices.