Columbia Surgery Podcast Series: Conversations & Curbsides

Conversations Between Columbia’s Doctors

Banner: Columbia Surgery Podcast Series: Conversations & CurbsidesColumbia endocrinologist Dr. Hyesoo Lowe hosts colleagues to discuss important medical topics. From complex subjects like bone health and pancreatic cancer to tips on how to find a competent surgeon, hear or read from leading medical specialists, in these chats.

Note: The information provided in this show is not medical advice, nor should it be taken or applied as a replacement for medical advice. Columbia, its employees, guests and affiliates assume no liability for the application of the information discussed. Always consult a board-certified M.D. before using new tools or practices of any kind.

The Conversations (By Topic)


Women’s Health

Freezing Eggs: Fertility Planning and Preservation, in Practice | Columbia University Department of Surgery

Endometriosis: a Painfully Common & Scarcely Discussed Aspect of Women’s Health | Columbia Surgery

Thyroid Health

Thyroid Awareness Month, 2022: What’s New? It’s Personal. | Columbia Surgery

Surgery General

How to Find the Right Surgeon for YOU: A Conversation with Dr. James Lee | Columbia Surgery

Adrenal Health

Adrenal Awareness 2023: Adrenal Incidentalomas | Columbia Surgery

Adrenal Awareness 2023: Today’s Adrenal Surgery Techniques (and Tomorrow’s)

When the Adrenal Gland Causes Hypertension (Adrenal Awareness Month, 2022) | Columbia Surgery

Parathyroid Health

Parathyroid Disease & Sleep Disturbance: Is There a Link? Is There a Fix? | Columbia Surgery

Pancreas Health

Treating Pancreatic Tumors: Drug Delivery Systems & Pancreatic Cancer | Columbia Surgery

New Pathways: Researching and Innovating Pancreatic Cancer Treatment | Columbia Surgery

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, 2021: A Conversation with Dr. Michael Kluger | Columbia Surgery

Obesity & Diabetes

More than Willpower: Obesity’s Many Causes & Factors

Medical Interventions in Obesity: Devices and Medicines | Columbia University Department of Surgery

Bone Health

Thin Bones on Thin Ice: What to know about Osteoporosis this winter (and beyond) | Columbia Surgery

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