Patient Stories

Four children in New York will get to grow up with their mother, thanks to a donor halfway across the nation.
How the worst day of his life led to one patient's rebirth.
The last time we checked in with Ralph and Mariann Cheney, they were recognized with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s (PanCan) Randy Pausch Award in March of 2010. As prominent activists in the pancreatic cancer community, they continue to demonstrate their passion and dedication for the bettering of society. Now, five years after receiving the Randy Pausch Award, they have been awarded the 2015 Surgery of the Alimentary Tract (SSAT) Public Service Award for their continued advocacy, support, and leadership within the pancreatic cancer community.
Although 9 out of 10 patients with colon cancer are over age 50, young patients are not immune. In this moving video, Adalis Martinez shares her story of getting colon cancer at age 21.
I am a clinical psychologist on staff at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, I am a certified psychoanalyst, I am well versed in behavioral techniques for addressing anxiety, and I was completely unprepared when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February of 2014. All of my training and knowledge seemed to vanish in an instant and I felt myself falling through space. I was terrified.
Carole DeNettis had a small tumor at the head of her pancreas that was indeed pancreatic cancer. Dr. Chabot and his team were eager to performed the Whipple procedure. She felt totally confident that she was going to win this battle against pancreatic cancer. She is now honored to have been given the title "SURVIVOR."
Susan Koujak has a rare pulmonary vascular disease that caused both of her lungs to fail. During the last 12 years, she's undergone two double lung transplants. Her first transplanted lungs began to fail last year and she received her second set of donor lungs in May. Both of her transplants were performed by the same talented team of doctors and nurses at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center.
Alyson Peluso underwent a Whipple Procedure in August of 2009 to remove a cancerous pancreatic cyst. Today she is working towards her degree to become a Physician's Assistant.
Stan Adler had more tumors than his doctors could count. He beat the odds with high-dose IL-2 therapy.