Our Programs & Services

From round-the-clock accessibility to minimally invasive approaches for both valve and aneurysm repairs, the Aortic Center leads the way in aortic surgery innovation. We bring together a network of dedicated cardiac and vascular surgeons as well as cardiologists, radiologists, and geneticists to provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for every individual, as well as long-term follow-up. As part of Columbia University Medical Center, we are at the forefront of research into the causes, treatments, and prevention of aortic disease.

Minimally invasive and endovascular emphasis

Our aortic surgeons have extensive experience with small incision and open heart approaches to surgery, and will evaluate everyone with aortic disease for minimally invasive and endovascular options. The Aortic Center is even trialling endovascular approaches for ascending and arch aneurysm repairs, where open heart surgery has typically been the only option.

Round-the-clock, multidisciplinary care

The team is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies like aortic dissections, as well as managing an extensive elective surgery program. For those with aortic disease, treatment is managed collaboratively with cardiac and vascular surgeons, as well as radiologists and geneticists to tailor care for every individual. For urgent care at any time, call us at 844.792.6782 (844.RX.AORTA).

Collaborative follow-up clinic

Surgery may only be a part of the story for anyone with aortic disease. In order to keep track of our outcomes, the Aortic Center has devised a collaborative follow-up clinic, which works across disciplines to evaluate how those we’ve treated fare in the long-term. Additionally, we provide recommendations for follow-up imaging at the appropriate time based on an individual’s risk and the latest research. To learn more, call us at 212.305.6380.


The Aortic Center has an active research component dedicated to aortic disease. Collaborating closely with parallel departments and specialties, the Aortic Center’s surgeons create and conduct studies that address the causes, treatments, and prevention of aortic disease.

Some examples of our trials include innovative approaches in developing prototypes, such as the Circular Surgical Stapler, and comparing the efficacy of current grafts and prostheses for heart valves. See a selection of our current cardiac clinical trials

Related Services

Though we specialize in diseases of the aorta, we work in close collaboration with other specialties linked closely to the aorta, including:

Diseases of the aorta can also correspond to certain genetic conditions, such as Marfan Syndrome. For aortic disease with an underlying genetic cause, Columbia has a dedicated Marfan Clinic, as well as a center dedicated to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.