The Diaphragm Center

The diaphragm is the primary muscle of respiration. Disorders of the diaphragm can result in significant impairment of breathing. The Diaphragm Center at Columbia University Medical Center provides the most advanced diagnostic and treatment strategies available for these disorders. 


Our center grew out of a need to develop a comprehensive and focused program devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of diaphragmatic disorders. Most of these conditions are poorly understood by the general medical community. By gathering together some of the most experienced clinicians in this field, we are able to offer the most comprehensive and advanced care for our patients. 

The Diaphragm Center team at Columbia performs a high volume of diaphragm surgeries, including diaphragmatic pacing a treatment that enables many people to regain speech and postpone or eliminate the need for mechanical ventilation in the future.

Specific conditions we treat include: 


Thoracic Surgery ‒ Mark Ginsburg, MD

Pulmonology ‒ Keith Brenner, MD

Johanna Deutsch, FNP-BC

Pulmonology ‒ William Bulman, MD

Thoracic Surgery ‒ Payne Stanifer, MD

Neurosurgery ‒ Christopher Winfree, MD


Radiology ‒ Jay Leb, MD



We're located at 161 Ft. Washington, New York, NY.

Call us at 212.305.3408 to make an appointment or learn more.