What We’re Reading: 09/20/19


A few highlights from around the web that made it into our feeds this week.

Climate Change is Having Widespread Health Impacts

Storms, floods, fires and power outages can leave hospitals without medicines, fluids, or power supply. And scientists expect it to get worse. This article breaks down the impacts of climate change on our health, issue by issue: pregnancy, kidney problems, digestive diseases, mental health, nutrition. 

“The climate crisis is impacting not only health for our patients but the way we deliver care and our ability to do our jobs. And that’s happening today.” (From scientificamerican.com)

New evidence shows why the HPV vaccine is as important for boys as girls

HPV gives 34,800 Americans cancer every year. But there are still so many misconceptions about it. “It’s still in the public perception that HPV is largely a problem for women,” Maura Gillison, MD, told STAT. “I think people have to be aware that the burden of HPV positive oropharynx cancer in men in the United States now exceeds the burden of cervical cancer diagnosed each year.” 

“I just know that I don’t have a single patient who wouldn’t swap two or three shots for what I do to them to try to save their life.” (From statnews.com)

Bill Doyle’s Story: The Gift of a Dozen Years

 One of our own shares his weight loss surgery story.  Bill Doyle, executive chef at NewYork-Presbyterian Allen, regards his passions as “soups, stews, and bacon,” but says it was the baking that really made his weight climb over the years. 

Incredibly, just two years after sleeve gastrectomy (the most common weight loss procedure), he’s lost 150 pounds and his Type 2 diabetes has disappeared. Like his coworkers who inspired him to get surgery, Bill is now an inspiration to others too. (From nyp.org)

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