Endoscopic Treatment for Pancreatic Disease

Endoscopic procedures like EUS and ERCP are becoming increasingly more important to the diagnosis and management of pancreatic diseases. Advanced imaging techniques such as intraductal ultrasound and the SpyGlass Direct Visualization System, are now enabling physicians to visualize the pancreas with precision never achieved before. When performed by a skilled endoscopist, these procedures can provide improved imaging resolution of the pancreas, supply a reliable diagnosis, and enable minimally invasive therapeutic options.

Performing over 1,500 EUS and ERCP procedures each year, the Pancreas Center GI/Endoscopy team has developed a highly sophisticated procedural expertise. We strive to define the leading edge of the field and to offer the most innovative and effective endoscopic surveillance and treatment methods to our patients. As a team, we represent a highly skilled and dedicated group of endoscopists. As part of the Pancreas Center, we are committed to utilizing these skills to champion the health of our patients and to preserve their quality of life. 

Pancreas Center GI/Endoscopy Team

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