Pancreatic Cancer Support Group

The Pancreatic Cancer Support Group was created to address the emotional needs of our patients and to discuss the issues that extend beyond medical care, like coping with the financial difficulties that may result from inability to work, the impact on family relationships, and many others.

Each meeting usually features a guest speaker who discusses topics such as nutrition, exercise, clinical trials, psychiatric care, genetics and new treatment options. The second half of the meeting is open format, in which participants can share or discuss whatever they choose. Attendees may talk about any matters of concern with our social worker and may also ask the nurse practitioner medical questions. Perhaps most importantly, participants celebrate their joys together and offer their solace and support in times of grief. The group has naturally fostered many long-lasting friendships, as patients often communicate outside the group as well.

Meetings are held virtually every 3rd Tuesday of the month
Call (212) 305-9467 for more information