Stories of Hope: Jennifer Alexander

At age 30, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in my native country and a hysterectomy saved my life. I am now a 63-year-old woman who migrated from Venezuela in 1991. As every immigrant, I went through lots of struggles but I was excited about the future and eager to better the life of my children.  However, it wasn’t until 2005 that my life was shattered. I was diagnosed with colon cancer and the doctor from a Hospital in Brooklyn didn’t give much hope. With desperation and anguish, I cried to God and asked him to give me one more chance to live. That’s when my daughter suggested I get a second opinion at NYP Columbia. When I arrived at NYP Columbia Hospital, the doctors welcomed me with kindness and told me what I will live. Hope and Faith filled my heart again and the treatment and prognosis was good. No more colon cancer.

Months later, while still under chemo for colon cancer, I discovered a lump on my breast and again the bad news; I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt that was the end of me but the Doctors reinforced my hope and will to live. I received treatment and surgery and I was cancer free for the third time.

These maladies didn’t end there. In 2014, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that’s when I said to myself that this type of cancer is more aggressive than the others and it will sure kill me. I felt like my life was stolen from me due to all those cancers I had. I was in a deep depression with no more hope. The doctors treated my depression, stress, anxiety and the cancer.  The nurses and staff were very supportive and encouraging. They gave me a lot of hope and now I can say that I am cancer free for the fourth time. Thank you God and to the Doctors at NYP Columbia.