Research Objectives

Outcomes Studies

CIOR is committed to supporting and promoting high quality outcomes research designed to enhance medical knowledge and improve clinical practice. Our experienced team has a comprehensive approach that can provide assistance in the planning, conduct and analysis of a broad variety of outcomes research projects. Expertise in both clinical and administrative data sources can be leveraged to assist in project development and to foster maximal impact. Although emerging from the Department of Surgery of the Columbia University Medical Center, we welcome collaborations with other departments and centers within the medical center as well as with researchers from outside institutions.

Database Development

CIOR has developed a user-friendly database infrastructure which amalgamates the research needs of the individual surgical divisions. Web-based technology and the highest level of data security have been leveraged to support each division in Department of Surgery with access to data that can support current and future research endeavors.

Research Analytical Support

CIOR has assembled an experienced team which can support whatever level of analytical support is necessary/appropriate for a given project. Targeted clinical trials, data-mining of large administrative datasets, harvesting of clinical registries all can be performed within the CIOR structure. In order to maximize effectiveness, it is best to engage the CIOR staff early in project development, although secondary analyses and review of work completed will also be provided.