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The Columbia Bioroot

Video: Columbia 3f Bioroot

Surgeons at NYP/Columbia have spent the last several years developing a reproducible and durable method of replacing the entire ascending aorta. What began as a simple tailoring of a commercially available valve into a fabric graft has evolved into as novel surgical procedure. Surgeons may now pre-assemble a unique composite biologic graft comprised of a stentless aortic valve and a sinus of Valsalva graft to replicate what is found in nature. Moreover, this conduit will be manufactured to allow surgeons to store the pre-made conduit on the shelf, saving even more time at operation. The Columbia Bioroot enhances the reproducibility of aortic root surgery. It also reduces the time that patients must spend on the heart-lung machine, reduces bleeding, and decreases the risk of any subsequent procedure on the valve.

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