Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor disorders include problems that affect the muscles, ligaments, connective tissues and nerves that support the bladder, rectum, and pelvic organs (including the uterus and vagina in women). Pelvic floor disorders are more common than you might imagine. Most people are amazed to hear that over 28 million people in the US have a pelvic floor disorder, according to a survey by the National Institutes of Health. It is estimated that about a quarter of adult women may experience pelvic floor disorders, but pelvic floor disorders affect both women and men.

Common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction include:

  • Difficulty controlling wind or bowel motions
  • Fecal leakage with coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising (fecal incontinence)
  • Rushing to the toilet for fear of fecal leaking or leaking before you can get there (fecal urgency)
  • Difficulty with urge or evacuating a bowel movement (constipation)
  • Having part or all of the wall of the rectum slide out of place, sometimes sticking out of the anus (rectal prolapse).

Unfortunately too many people suffer from these symptoms. If you think you may have a problem with your pelvic floor then please seek help. Treatment options include pelvic floor physiotherapy, medical therapy, and surgery.

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