Holiday Greetings from Surgery Past, Present, and Future

We won’t drone on echoing the sentiments of the holiday season. The collection of messages piling upward in our inboxes instructing all to give thanks or take stock of what’s important has reached its proverbial limit. 2020 has been difficult. It’s been painful and harrowing. We get it, we feel it too. And we’re with you.

But today we have hope. We’re inspired by the resilience of our teams, by the focus and dedication of every single person working to keep us all safe and healthy. We’re recharged day after day by your strength and trust in us. 

Across every specialty, even in a pandemic, we march forward toward medical care that is personalized and equitable. Advancing in techniques and approaches, testing, and treatments.

Without further ado, here’s what is ushering us into 2021:

From all of us at Columbia, thank you for your trust and support in such trying times. We are here for you, now more than ever.

Happy Holidays,
Your Team at Columbia Healthpoints and the Department of Surgery


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