NYP Named Third Top Center for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in the U.S.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is the nation’s third top center for cardiology and cardiac surgery, according to the most recent US News & World Report survey. In pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, NYP also ranked extremely well: 8th in the nation.

NYP maintains its position as the number one center in the New York metropolitan area.

To determine its rankings, US News & World Report evaluated hospital centers capable of treating difficult cases and that treated at least 1321 inpatients in need of “high level expertise” during 2009, 2010, and 2011. The survey evaluated factors including the hospital’s reputation among specialists in the field, safety and survival rates, patient volume, nurse staffing, and nurse magnet status. Of all 720 hospitals included in the survey, NYP is the highest ranking academic medical center in these specialties.

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