If a member of your family is having a heart procedure at NYP/Columbia, we want to make sure you’re healthy, too. The PASSPORT to Heart Health program offers free screening to relatives of patients having surgery at Columbia and serves as a national model for comprehensive heart care. For more information, call 212.305.4255 or go to

The Columbia Center for Heart Disease Prevention is a specialized medical service for patients who would like to reduce their risk factors for heart disease and improve their lifestyle. For more information call 212.305.4866 or go to

NewYork-Presybterian Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation services. For more information, go to For outpatient appointments, call 212.305.4695.

The Schneeweiss Center for Adult Congenital Heart Disease cares for patients who had had cardiac surgery earlier in life as well as those with newly diagnosed congenital heart disease. 212.305.6936.

The Valve Center at NYP/Columbia has developed the latest surgical and interventional approaches to valve disease, and now draws patients from all over the world. 212.342.0444​.

The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center brings together leading experts on this genetically transmitted heart condition, treating patients and their entire families, at every stage of this disease. For more information, please call 201.346.7010 or go to