Our Heart Programs & Services

Heart disease comes in many forms.  It can be stable or severe, straight-forward or complex, and it can affect one small part of the heart or the whole thing.  But no matter what kind of heart condition you or your loved one is dealing with, help is available. Our services include:

Our cardiac surgeons work closely with doctors from our Division of Cardiology to always help you make the most informed choice between medication-based and surgical treatment options.

If you are in need of our services, call (212) 305-2633 or use our online request form to book an appointment today.

Other Specialized Programs

Research and Clinical Trial Programs

As one of the world’s leading research hospitals, Columbia is among the first to develop and offer new surgical techniques and treatments. As a patient, you may also have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials focusing on new approaches to heart disease, if you so desire.

Programs for Students and Healthcare Professionals

As part of an Ivy League academic center, our surgeons not only practice their craft, they teach it as well - pushing them to always be aware of the latest findings and best practices.