What We’re Reading: 12/13/19


A few highlights from around the web that made it into our feeds this week.

Trauma Surgeon Battles Bullets In The Operating Room And The Community

A bullet wreaks havoc on more than just the body; bullets spread the disease of violence, ravaging families and communities. That’s the message Dr. Laurie Punch, trauma surgeon in St. Louis, is working so hard to share inside and outside the hospital. To Dr. Punch this is personal, and her dedication to the collective healing of the wider community is an inspiration. This article is not to be missed.

"The disease that bullets bring does not yet have a name," Dr. Punch told the members of Congress. "It's like an infection, because it affects more than just the flesh it pierces. It infects the entire family, the entire community. Even our country." (From npr.org)

How to interpret your medical tests numbers

Routine medical testing is an important part of healthcare that we all know and do, but which tests have a little wiggle room and which have strict targets to hit? More importantly, why?

This article does a great job of explaining how to interpret medical tests, from blood pressure and blood glucose to hearing, and breaks down the healthiest numbers to shoot for in each category. (From washingtonpost.com)

For the Holidays, the Gift of Self-Care

It’s that time of year—the giving season. But it’s also when stress can run high, and hey, 2019 has been a bit of a doozy. Buddhist monk Haemin Sunim reminds us that to be good to others, we first need to be good to ourselves. He shares a few simple steps to prioritize self-care—how to take time for yourself and practice self-compassion—along with mindfulness and a few simple meditation techniques. This is good stuff to practice year-round! (From nytimes.com)

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