Liver Transplant Programs & Services

As both an academic facility and multidisciplinary unit, we are equipped to offer the very best in medical care, patient services, and health research. Learn more about our many programs and services to prevent liver cancer and disease, treat specific conditions, and help you recover.

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Key Clinical Programs

Our center operates one of the largest and most experienced liver transplantation programs in the U.S. This allows us to perform more transplants than other hospitals, give patients access to innovative treatments, and offer a comprehensive level of care.

Living Donor Program

This innovative procedure involves removing a portion of a liver from a healthy living donor and transplanting it into a recipient. The liver in both patients then regenerates into complete organs. We have pioneered and perfected the use of this procedure for both children and adults, helping to increase survival rates and reduce the wait for transplants.

Pediatric Liver Program

Our Pediatric Center offers expert care for children with any form of liver cancer or disease. We specialize in non-surgical care, as well as surgery and transplantation. With three board-certified pediatric gastrointestinal transplant specialists on our team, we are a national leader in children’s liver care.

Intestinal & Multiorgan Transplant Program

Transplanting several organs at once can give patients with serious intestinal malformations or infections hope for a healthy future. Our doctors have contributed significant advances to these procedures. With a team composed of specialists in surgery and transplantation, gastrointestinal medicine and nutrition, social services, and more, our patients receive access to complete care.

Support & Educational Services

Liver surgery and transplantation is an emotional experience for both patients and their families. That’s why we offer services that address care both before treatment and long after.

  • Support Groups & Education for Transplant Patients: This service educates patients and their loved ones about every aspect of the transplant process, helping provide them with the knowledge and support they need.
  • Financing: We are committed to caring for all patients regardless of financial status, and we participate in many insurance plans. We strive to offer the widest range of services, therapies and options to individuals facing the burdens of liver disease. Our financial counselor will work with you to find the best solution for you, regardless of your financial situation.
  • The Living Donor Advocate Team: This team educates potential living donors about all aspects of the donation process, including medical, financial, psychosocial, and more.
  • Asian Outreach Office: To support the large number of patients with liver disease who are part of the Asian community, we've establish an outreach office with resources tailored to their needs.

Research & Clinical Trials

We are deeply committed to improving liver care. Our doctors and researchers are constantly studying new ways to improve existing treatments and develop new medical breakthroughs for our patients. They do so as part of Columbia’s Transplant Clinical Research Core, a group of specialists involved in all aspects of transplant care that work together to make sure advances in the lab are seamlessly translated into better clinical care.

Learn more about Columbia’s liver and transplant research or search through our ongoing clinical trials.

Programs for Students & Healthcare Professionals

We are dedicated to helping foster the next generation of great transplant healthcare workers. We offer several different fellowship programs and host CME activities for professionals at any level.

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